The Mission of The Next Generation School is to provide each student with the:

  • Provide age and developmentally appropriate educational programs that seek to achieve high academic, scholastic and socially responsible outcomes from a diverse group of students.
  • Inculcate a learning environment that will lead to enhanced emotional intelligence, self discipline, motivation, respect for peers, elders, community and society and for bounties of nature.
  • Create a school-wide safe classroom environment through teaching strategies that are inclusive, non-discriminatory and are based on multiple intelligences.
  • Promote skill-sets that make students self reliant, productive, and equipped to successfully face up to the challenges of an increasingly demanding global environment.
  • Support students in their quest for critical thinking and problem solving so that they become thought leaders, champions of justice, fairness and empathy and astute decision makers.
  • Encourage participation in extra-curricular programs that lead to improved physical and mental health, cooperative learning and team building, virtues that actualize native abilities and interpersonal skills of students of all ages and abilities.
  • Emphasise commitment to the essential edicts and teachings of Islam as ordained in the Holy Quran, with a focus on devotion to prayer, uprightness of character, love and respect for the human kind, especially the less fortunate.

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